At Mailpoint, millions of envelopes are addressed and prepared for postage with inkjet printers on a weekly basis. In addition, millions of brochures are finished with address carriers and, if required, eco-friendly polywrapping. All this is done at high speed to ensure that all DM orders are delivered to the distributors within the specified period, so that the letters or parcels arrive at the target group on time.


Mailpoint boasts a modern, extensive and varied selection of machines capable of processing a wide variety of orders, from direct mail projects to sales promotions and fulfilment campaigns.

List of technical and production possibilities:
- Laser printers (rotation printers and sheet-fed-printers)
- Bursters, cutters and bundling machines
- Inkjet addressing systems
- Labelling machines
- Folding machines
- Cutting machines
- Inserting machines
- (Live) stamp affixing machines with postmark units
- Polywrapping systems for brochures, catalogues and magazines
- Shrink tunnels for polywrapping heavy products