Fulfilment is a specialist service that we are happy to provide. Mailpoint has the organization and experience to provide specific logistics support, even for fulfilment. In fact, we are a business-to-business point for many different companies, offering direct mail response handling services. It goes without saying that our clients expect fast service when it comes to response and customer handling.

That is why fulfilment services can be an excellent solution for direct mail campaigns. Mailpoint’s fulfilment department provides an array of mailing fulfilment services that include printing (e.g. customer letters with appendices), packaging and delivery. We monitor, process, package and distribute a wide range of orders for our fulfilment clients and ensure speedy processing of returned items.

The Mailpoint Group has the expertise to distribute parcel post in an affordable, fast and reliable way, reporting directly to clients on a daily basis. Our fulfilment department is active on many fronts; packaging and distributing posters, advertizing and promotion materials to shops, petrol stations and other sales points for a number of brand manufacturers.