Many of our clients already benefit from our attractive mail and postage service. In collaboration with partners including PostNL, we handle millions of mailings each year, most of which are carried out in a carbon-neutral way. If you would also like to use our economical ‘Mail & Postage Combination’, you will immediately save on costs for the distribution and postage of your mailing and/or periodical publications.

Using direct mail for the distribution of information or advertising materials has proved to be an increasingly important marketing instrument besides other forms of marketing and communication. Due to high distribution costs, direct mail can be more expensive compared to other, often digital, advertising messages.

As Mailpoint handles such a large volume of mail on a daily basis, our clients can take full advantage of special discounts and large-volume discounts. In fact, Mailpoint offers substantial postal savings – even for small mailings

Find out how much you can save on your mail and postage costs in three steps:


  Make an inventory of your mailing in terms of
weight, size, number of items to be sent and destination.


  Contact Mailpoint for advice and a quote.
We guarantee to get back to you with this information within 24 hours.


  Allow Mailpoint to handle your (entire) mailing.
Thank you in advance, we are ready to service your needs!