Mailpoint’s machines take many types of laser printer-suitable offset paper. We only use environmentally friendly paper, such as FSC-certified paper, PEFC-certified paper and recycled paper with EU Ecolabel.

Mailpoint works with databases (maintained by us or by the client) with excellent target group selection, which we can personalise, print and finalise in order to create unique projects. As we have different types of colour printers at our disposal, we are able to process a wide range of jobs quickly and efficiently.

Our sheet printers can meet very specific requirements by selecting paper from up to five different trays in one set. These unified sets consisting of white or coloured paper can be stapled with metal staples in various positions on the printwork.

Variable printing in both black/white and colour makes it possible to produce personalised mailings and assign unique numbers to mailings with, for example, enclosed vouchers, reply forms, leaflets, raffle tickets and price lists. Mailpoint’s mail house is responsible for the finishing touches – the final graphics and compilation of a beautiful mail package. If required, this can all be done in a 100% carbon neutral manner.