The special stamps of PostNL will make your direct mailings and business mail catch full attention. This will help to enhance their noticeability and response rate. With its own stamp affixers, Mailpoint can automatically stamp and frank envelopes of all sorts and sizes, no matter how big or small your mailing is. This way, we can create you a unique mailing product.




Mail with a stamp on it, is often opened first. Direct mailings with an attractive stamp on it, come across as a personal message and therefore get more attention of your addressees.

The advantages of a personalised stamp for direct mailings:

  • Envelope with a personal touch
  • High attention value
  • More effective and impactive mailings
  • Better response rates
  • Suitable for both national and international direct mailings
  • Mailpoint offers the personalised stamps of PostNL at a low large-volume rate